Hello, My name is Josh Bennett and welcome to Furry Friends Pet Sitting.

I am a fully qualified animal nursing assistant and have worked in the veterinary industry for around 4 years. With numerous clients coming in to the veterinary practices over the years asking about a reliable pet sitter who can look after their pets in the comfort of their own home. I have decided to launch this business, offering a service that can benefit animals and their owners.

My services range from dog walking, day care, various medical procedures, pop in visits and individual walks.

  • Dog walking and day care are Monday- Friday only.
  • Pop in visits and pet care are 24/7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Tailored Services - special rates apply.

Like all of us we all have very busy lives and here at Furry Friends I run a very bespoke service where I feel I create more of a bond with my clients. I am very flexible with timings, dates and notice periods to suit your busy schedules.

I own two dogs Freddie the Patterdale Terrier, Barney the Border Collie and a rabbit called Bertie. I have previously owned a horse called Bernie and kept chickens and ducks. Having been around animals from a very young age helping out on family and friends farms, as well as in their homes. I believe I can accommodate your Furry Friends to keep them happy and comfortable whilst you are away or at work.

Why not contact us and see if we can cater for your Furry Friend’s needs.

Our Portfolio of Services

Furry Friends has a number of different services. Ranging from dog walks, pet sitting, house minding and in particular 'care of pets'.

For information about our walks please click below.

We also have a special area where you can - in peace - walk your dog yourself.

In the area - 'care of pets' we are currently expanding our portfolio. We currently offer a nail clipping service and administering medicine and more recently we have added Oral hygiene. To learn more about this new service please click below.


The majority of our walks take place in farmland and woodland. The natural landscape and fresh air we believe is much better and safer than town walks.

We have also acquired a secure field where you can walk your dog yourself. We call it "Freedom Field". It is described below after the maps.

We always chop and change these areas and directions of walk to give your pooch a stimulating and enjoyable walk. Below in the maps you can see just a handful of where some of our walks take place.

Walk 1

Walk 2


We also have a special area where you can - in peace - walk your dog yourself.

Freedom Field

A couple of years ago Furry Friends acquired the exclusive rights to a field for pet walking. In fact to be more exact ‘off the leash’ pet running !! This field for is Furry Friends clients use safe in the knowledge that people, livestock and game animals/birds will not affected. Please enjoy !!

There are obstacles, a mini cross-country if you can keep up your hound !! If your pooch like jumping on things ... this is just the place. !

  • Secure dog walking field set in 2.5 acres.
  • 1.4m High fencing.
  • Available for booking by the hour.
  • Perfect for dog training, Reactive dogs and family & friend get togethers.

Go to the contact page, and call / text / email me and book a slot.

Oral Hygiene Service

Why should I invest?

As a pet owner it is important we protect our cats and dogs from dental disease.
Poor dental hygiene can lead to a host of health problems including painful toothache as well as bad breath!

As tartar builds up on the teeth it allows bacteria to gain blood access and infect the major organs of the body.
Help protect your pet by brushing their teeth.

Dr Imogen Poole MRCVS BVSc


What we do

We use a brand new state of the art pain free, non-invasive device which has been proven to clean deeply through the tooth, removing any long term build up of plaque using ultra sonic waves which travel through each bristle of the tooth brush.

  • Fast and highly efficient, antibacterial deep cleaning
  • Tarter removal without anaesthetic risk (May take between 1-4 treatments before any noticeable change)
  • Cleans with ultrasonic waves passing through each bristle
  • No brushing action needed tooth brush is placed on the teeth
  • Reduces and prevents unpleasant mouth odours
  • Removes bacteria
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces gum inflammation
  • Treatment performed in the comfort of your own home
  • Only a 20/30 minute session

    * Depending on severity Veterinary advice maybe needed.



Group walks (1 Hour)

  • £12 per dog per walk. (Discount for 2 or more dogs in the same household.)
  • Group walks are available Monday-Friday Only These walks are with a maximum of 6 dogs.
  • Not only is this great exercise but as a pack animal it gives your dog the chance to socialise and play in a safe controlled environment, stimulating natural urges and creating a happier pooch.
  • We have our own mobile shower installed in our van so in the winter months your pooch will come back mud free and smelling fresh.

Individual walks (1 Hour)

  • £20 per dog per walk. (Discount for 2 or more dogs in the same household.)
  • Individual walks are Monday-Friday (Weekends by arrangement) These walks are on a 1-1 basis with ONLY your dog/dogs.
  • Providing them with a stimulating on or off lead walk. We have our own mobile shower installed in our van so in the winter months your pooch will come back mud free and smelling fresh.


Animal Feeding & Caring

Pop in visit (15-20 Mins)

  • £10 a visit.
  • Include coming into your house to let your pet out to the toilet and play.
  • general TLC whilst you’re out at work.

Bronze package-One visit a day.

  • £10 per day. Includes feeding, grooming, cleaning,
  • medication (if required) and plenty of TLC.

Silver package- two visits a day.

  • £16 per day.
  • Includes feeding, grooming, cleaning,
  • Medication (if required) and plenty of TLC.

Gold Service - House Sitting

Going on holiday and need someone to look after your house as well as your dogs? This includes me staying in your home and looking after your house and your dogs.
Prices start from £40 a day. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
For a special service - please contact us for a quote

Nail Clip £10 per animal
Done in the comfort of their own home.

Horse Care (please contact us for a quote)



I would definitely recommend Josh at Furry Friends. Stanley loves going on his walks, and Josh always tries to squeeze him in when needed.


Josh is such a friendly animal lover! I have a lovebird and got more concerned about going away because if family couldn't look after her I couldn't go as it's hard to find someone who knows about birds; I now ONLY use Josh, even if family could be available. Such a great chap and Eme is exactly the same as when I leave her, chirpy and loving. Highly recommended!


Really pleased with Josh, Boycie is highly reactive to other animals and can be a challenge to walk and we've struggled to find a reliable dog walker in the past but Josh has taken everything we have said on board and ensures he only walks Boycie on his own in quiet areas meaning not only is he getting the exercise he needs but also comes back tired and happy instead of stressed and on alert.


It's very hard leaving my pets; I don't leave them with just anyone!! Josh is reliable, honest and looks after my fur babies like they're his own. Highly recommend.

Jennie Hyde

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